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Bar sized towel made from our premium hydrosilk material. Logo is woven directly into the towel and can be sheared at no extra charge, if desired. Shearing allows for a cleaner/crisper looking logo and a soft, velour finish.



What is Hydrosilk? A premium fabric alternative to the traditional cotton. Made entirely from recycled wood by-products making it both environmentally friendly and naturally sustainable. 


  • Antimicrobial and odor free - won't rot or mildew even if put away wet
  • Fibers are more elastic than cotton making it more durable than a traditional cotton towel
  • Releases most dirt and grease with a simple rince (without added detergents) 
  • Silky smooth texture with a shiny finish
  • Significantly more absorbent than cotton

16 x 7 Custom Woven Hydrosilk

SKU: 30.0802.07H
  • This item ships direct from the manufacturer. A freight charge based on weight (not destination) will apply to your invoice. Third party shipping is not an option on this product.

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